Coding Schools in Lagos for Python, React and Node

Author: folorunso Date: 09-02-2019

coding schools in lagos

Like most skills, a lot of people learn faster in a school environment than self-learning. Same is true for coding. The question is always finding a good school around. And don't be fooled, that a school is popular is not same as school being good.

The two very popular coding schools in Lagos is probably


Andela Nigeria ... Getting Enlisted

Author: folorunso Date: 08-02-2019

andela nigeria

If you are an active software developer or tech enthusiast by any mean, and you leave in Lagos, you should have heard the word andela at some point. But let's assume you have not, this post is all about Andela - their mission and how you can stand a better chance to join their fast growing pool of talents.

One of the common quotes by 'andelians' is "talents are evenl ...


How to become a Programmer

Author: folorunso Date: 10-01-2019

What is Programming ?

I think we should first get to know who a programmer is, or what is programming before we explore steps required to become a programmer. Programming is writing a set a instructions to make computer carry out certain task. That task can be something as simple as printing " Hello World" to a computer screen or as advance as handle the flight schedules for an airline. So you are a programmer if you know ...