coding schools in lagos

Like most skills, a lot of people learn faster in a school environment than self-learning. Same is true for coding. The question is always finding a good school around. And don't be fooled, that a school is popular is not same as school being good.

The two very popular coding schools in Lagos is probably NIIT and New Horizons; which i think are good at what they do. I will leave you to do your own research to know whether they are good for you or not. But I will give you a few reasons why Anchorsoft Academy is a great choice, if your goal is to become a software developer.

1. We focus SOLELY on Software Development

Don't come here for networking or hardware training. We will collect your money and ask the security to throw you Don't' worry we are good guys we won't do that. We are not a school for everybody, we are only for developers.

2. The company is run by a veteran developer

Now this is subjective depending on your take on management. But i think a techy manager will be more able to access the quality of content and delivery than somebody who is purely a businessman. Checkout the massive success Microsoft recorded when the current CEO - Satya Nadella - took over from the formal non techy Steve Ballmer.

In Nigeria, most of these big names coding schools are franchises bought and run by businessmen. To be fair, some non techy managers have also recorded great results running tech companies.

3. Dev-to-server demos

One of the things that make us standout is extreme class practicals. We go as far building a complete app in the class and deploy to real servers. I don't know which other coding school in lagos does that.

4. We are software developers

The company is run as both a coding school and a development firm. We take on projects, build apps regularly. So we are constantly on the cutting edge, updating the course outline as the technology evolves; as you may know that this industry is a rapidly evolving one.

Recommendations for absolute beginners

If you are just making a foray into programming, we advise you take either of these two platform paths: Python path or Javascript path. Python has been adjudged the simplest programming language for beginners; but javascript isn't difficult too. You will be fine with either. For the python path you can take this python development course; for javascript take this react course.