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If you are an active software developer or tech enthusiast by any mean, and you leave in Lagos, you should have heard the word andela at some point. But let's assume you have not, this post is all about Andela - their mission and how you can stand a better chance to join their fast growing pool of talents.

One of the common quotes by 'andelians' is "talents are evenly distributed, but opportunities are not". This is the philosophy andela is built upon. Africa is full of amazing talents seeking to be tapped, while there are so much opportunities in the west with insufficient manpower. There is the saying that the world needs a million more developers than we currently have.

Andela is an African software development manpower outsourcing company. They connect developers in Africa with companies in America and Europe. They hire both experienced and entry level developers. Even though they hire entry level developers and sort of train them internally, you stand a better chance applying as a skilled developer, especially when you have the platforms they love the most.

Python and Javascript stack - Andela's most demanded platforms
python and javascript

Disclaimer: This does not mean they don't hire for .net core, java, php etc They do. But their clients make the most demand for those two.

I recently had a chat with one of their senior developers, he revealed that python and javascript stack(vanilla js, angular, react, react native and node) are really top on Andela's recruitment list. And that is due to the requests from the foreign clients. I later confirmed this too after i signed up at glassdoor. I signed up at glassdoor to source for jobs for some of our past students. I was getting request regularly from the site for Andela; and over 90% of those recruitment requests was for either React or React Native!

Their affinity for javascript and python is really a no-brainer. Andela is focused on foreign jobs: US and Europe; those are really fast economies. Companies in those places will want currently hot tools and technologies. React is currently hot! And python is the number platform for AI, data science and analytics.

Want to join Andela ? Learn python and javascript at Anchorsoft Academy !

So if you are an aspiring software developer and want to get enlisted in Andela's talent pool of developers, then learn either of these duo. You can as well learn both if you've got the time and capabilities. The little advantage of javascript is that it can be used in the frontend(React, Angular or Vue) and also backend (node), making you a full stack developer at once. That is killing two birds with a stone.

But if you are thinking of getting into AI or analytics in addition to web development, then python is your friend!

Anchorsoft Academy is the best place to learn these! We have courses for both javascript(React .. angular and node coming very soon) and python. You will feel deeply empowered after any of our training, and be ready to apply for jobs either at Andela or any other coding shop.