Professional Microsoft Excel Training

Professional Microsoft Excel Training

What is Excel? Excel is a spreadsheet application that enables you to store, manage and analyze data. These data may be company's budget, sales records, transactions information etc And these data may be stored in the database, CSV or excels files or even a web service(like restful APIs) created by the developers in your company. The data type or storage format isn't a barrier to Excel. With Excel, you can connect to these data sources, transform the data and create intelligent reports.

Excel is one of the most widely used software application in corporate environments today. It is used for doing both simple calculations and extensive data management with analytics. The use of Excel permeates all units of corporate departments - human resources, marketing & sales, finance etc Excel is ubiquitous.

Three of the common uses of excel are:

  • Data management: Every business stores and manages records. This could be inventory records, sales records etc. The state of these records changes due to daily transactions or more supplies intake. Managing these tasks with pen and pepper is almost impossible. Excel interactive updates and charting capabilities make this enjoyable.
  • Analysis tool: Without data analysis and insight you don't know what is happening within your business; you are flying blind. Questions like which product performed best last month, how many customers did we sign up this year etc will become hard to answer if not completely impossible. Excel's intuitive analytic capability is one of the reasons top executives in many companies can't do without it.
  • Forecasting: Business managers love to set goals and targets for their team leads. These targets set the tone for the departmental expectations. Setting realistic goals and targets requires data insights. With Excel you easily combine past results and current investments and budgets, to set targets and make a data-driven forecast.

This course takes you from scratch, teaches you everything you need to know to be proficient with Excel.

Schedule and Fee

  • Training Starts August 09, 2019
  • Duration 2 Days (shorter fast-paced track available for busy candidates)
  • Program Type Weekends (weekend program available too - Saturdays ONLY)
  • Fee N60,000.00

Course Outline

Excel 2016

  • Introduction to Excel and General Overview
    • What is Excel and what it can be used for
    • Overview of how Excel is used Finance, Sales, HR, Production departments and more
    • The workbook and worksheets
    • Excel interface overview: The ribbon, navigation, quick access, formula, shortcuts, files and help
  • Enterying Data
    • Data entry features in Excel
    • Using AutoFill to enter data
    • Enterying date and time
    • Comments
    • Using save and save as
  • Creating Formulas and Functions
    • Writing simple formulas
    • Copying formulas for cells below
    • Progressive cumulative calculations
    • Calculating percentage increase
    • Absolute, relative and mixed references
    • Common functions
  • Sheets Formatting
    • Working with fonts and colors
    • Adjusting rows and columns
    • Alignments and text wraps
    • Making borders standout
    • Formatting numbers and dates
    • Conditional formatting
    • Creating and formatting tables
    • Arrows, shapes and external assets
  • Customizing worksheets layout and data
    • Inserting and removing rows and columns
    • Hiding and showing rows and columns
    • Moving, copying and inserting data
    • Find and replace data
  • Printing
    • Page layout and tab overview
    • Page breaks and its impact
    • Page setup and printing control
  • Working with Charts/Graphs
    • Creating charts
    • Exploring chart types
    • Formatting charts
    • Working with axes, labels, gridlines and more
    • Creating in-cell chart with sparklines
  • Adjusting Worksheet Views
    • Freezing and unfreezing panes
    • Splitting screens horizontally and vertically
    • Using the outlining feature
  • Working with multiple workbooks and worksheets
    • Displaying contents across workbooks and worksheets
    • Renaming, inserting and deleting sheets
    • Moving, copying and grouping sheets
    • Linking worksheets across workbooks with formula
    • Locating and maintaining links
  • IF, VLOOKUP and Power Functions
    • Using IF and relational functions
    • Getting approximate table data with VLOOKUP function
    • Using the CountIF family of functions
  • Security and Sharing
    • Unlocking cells and protecting worksheets
    • Protecting workbooks
    • Assigning passwords to workbooks
    • Sharing workbooks
    • Tracking changes
  • Database Features in Excel
    • Sorting data
    • Inserting subtotal in a sorted list
    • Using filters
    • Removing duplicates in records
  • PivotTables
    • Creating PivotTables
    • Manipulating PivotTable data
    • Grouping by date and time
    • Grouping by some other factors
    • Using slicers to clarify and manipulate fields
    • Using PivotCharts
  • Data Analysis Tools in Excel
    • Using Goal Seek
    • Using Solver
    • Using Scenario Manager
    • Using Data Table
  • Macros
    • Definition and example
    • Creating a simple macro
    • Running a macro
Professional Microsoft Excel Training


  • Be able to do simple and complex calculations in Excel.
  • Collection information and make data entry.
  • Be able to create reports with beautiful charts and dashboards.
  • Automate tasks with VBA macros.
  • Connect with live data from other applications via a RESTful APIs.
  • Use Excel features for data analysis and drawing actionable insights.