PHP/MySQL Web Development Training

PHP/MySQL Web Development Training

PHP (with MySQL as the backend database) is probably the most popular choice for website development, and this is because it relatively easy to learn and capable for just about any kind of site. It is supported by the cheapest hosting providers all over the world; making it an attractive choice for startups with shoestring budgets. It is open source, cross platform and syntactically similar to javascript. Popular sites like facebook, wikipedia and the world's biggest blogging platform Wordpress, are all created with PHP.

This is an absolute beginner course. You will be fine even if this is your first programming training. No prior general programming experience is expected or assumed, we'll start off with the good ol 'Hello World' and build up into php mastery. We will build an ecommerce site to demonstrate the concepts taught through out the training. The project can as well serve as a starter kit for your own projects.

Schedule and Fee

  • Training Starts July 04, 2019
  • Duration 2 Months (shorter fast-paced track available for busy candidates)
  • Program Type Weekdays (weekend program available too - Saturdays ONLY)
  • Fee N150,000.00

Course Outline

PHP/MySQL Web Development

  • PHP OVerview and History
  • PHP OVerview, History and How it Works
  • Downloading the Tools and Installing on PC: WAMP, XAMPP
  • Configuring PHP, Apache and MySQL
  • The phpinfo() Method: Confirming PHP Installation
  • PHP Variable and Data Types: Numeric, Floats, String, Boolean, Arrays
  • Control Statements: If, If..else, switch
  • Iterations: for, while, foreach
  • Iterations: break, continue and array pointers
  • Working with Functions
  • Debugging
  • Working with Web Pages
  • Passing Data Across Pages
  • URL parameters
  • Encoding - Url and Html Encoding
  • Forms
  • Cookies
  • Sessions
  • Headers
  • The Include() Method
  • Database Access with MySQL
  • Database Fundmentals: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE
  • Exploring PhpMyAdmin
  • Connecting PHP with MySQL
  • The Project Overview: The BookShelf eCommerce Site
  • Products Catalog
  • Products Master-Detail Pages
  • Add Product to Shopping Cart
  • Security: Customer Authentication/Authorization
  • Cart Management
  • Orders and Shipping
  • Project Hosting: Choosing a Hosting Provider and DNS Setup
PHP/MySQL Web Development Training


  • Build data-driven websites.
  • Understand general programming concepts and how the web works.
  • Build Content Management System (CMS) backend for websites.
  • Host websites and configure necessary DNS records .