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Python Development Training - Building Web Applications and APIs

  • Master python and have a thorough understanding of the popular Django framework
  • Build Database models that maps to the app domain models for data persistence.
  • Build a website with a Content Management System (CMS) backend.
  • Build the security component for an application from scratch. Upon logging in, the component identifies the user with various roles like General users, Operational users and Admins; and authorizes each user's content access based on the privileges defined by his role(s).
    You will also be able to address related access control concerns like SQL Injections, Cross-Site Scripting(XSS) and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF).
  • Set up Servers and ship apps to them.
  • Take an application from idea to production.



Daniel Olaniyan

I came to know Anchorsoft Academy at a time when I wanted to change my career from Physics Electronics to Web Programming. Being a greenhorn in programming, I thought it would be difficult to get along, but thanks to Anchorsoft, the great experience, teaching skills and latest technological knowledge of my Tutor, made Programming very simple. He would take the pain to explain in details over and over again and also made sure that I got value for what I paid for. Anchorsoft is the best place to learn.

He would not just teach you what you need to know but also make sure that he touches other areas of the technologies so as to broaden the knowledge

Why Anchorsoft Academy ?

Nothing Beats Experience. If it is technical, you are as valuable as your experience. You will be learning from instructors with years of bare-metal experiences, hand-holding you from zero to pro.

Job Opportunities with Our Partners. We have strategic partnerships with job sourcing and placement firms. Qualified alumni of the academy will be invited when jobs opportunities become available. Please note that this is NOT a job promise for each and every of our students. Candidates we presents will still go through the hiring process of the target company(ies); during which each candidate will be expected to prove their eligibilities for the role.

Fully Practical Sessions. 'Doing' ... is the best way to learn hands down! The courses are loaded with real-world demos. With clear explanations of the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’; building real world projects from designs to production.

Training Programs

Regular Training

Our regular trainings target both secondary schools and tartiary institutions graduates and undergrates that want to acquire computer education and certifications.

The program runs week days, in between Mondays - Fridays for one to three months.

Weekend Training

This targets working professionals that may not be able to attend classes all through the week.

The program runs on Fridays and Saturdays for one to three months.

Express Training

This targets experienced working professionals that wants fast-paced full day intensive trainings. A 3-month long training are intensively covered in 2 weeks or less.

The program runs Mondays to Saturdays for a week or two.

Corporate Training

This is effectively an EXPRESS TRANINING but targetting corporate organizations that want to train their teams.

The program runs Mondays to Saturdays for two weeks or less depending on the contents.

Meet Folorunso (@folorunjay)

Folorunso is the founder and the lead instructor at Anchorsoft Academy - a software development and developers training firm. He has more than a decade hands-on experience in a number of critical platforms and technologies. He has worked as a trainer, junior developer, senior developer, project manager, lead QA engineer, DevOps pipeline architect, DevOps processes manager and head of software engineering department; a career that cut across education, multimedia, software development firm, Ad agency, banking and payments switching sectors.

He believes you either know it or you don’t. And it is not bad if you don’t, as long as you are willing to learn; experts today were once rookies.

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